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    KES-Art Studio Websites are Bilingual  
    English and German Languages  
  Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe      
    You will find a selection of my art works and information about me.

    Here you can see a selection of Portraits in the various techniques.
I create individual Portraits for you, based on your preferences: Whether it's a portrait, a landscape, or even work done from a photo.


Individual and creative - a moment is relatively short, but he takes hold of the essential for one moment. direct your glances to me, I design websites which arouses interest.



This web site contains Information about my favorite music from 1960 to 1990, also a collection of music in the different directions such as rock and pop.
The songs on this Website are reproduced in "Wave" and for evaluation purposes only, no financial gains are to be made by their distribution. They are copyrighted to their respective companies and artists."




  My culture Website
    The European Culture Portal. Here you will find a choice an outstanding artist, representative of the Drama and Performing arts, the art scenes, cabaret - Variety, Photography - Photo Model, literature and the Music scene."
    e.g. from the Music scene:
    Magdalen Graal, Jeanette Biedermann, Kate Hall, Take 2 Live, Barbara Schöneberger, Melanie Ellen Sterling und das Nobel Quartet.




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